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Ever since their daughter Angel became ill with AIDS, Sam and Mary Stone’s home life completely changed, but it’s been especially hard on Mary.When their friends and family reject them, Angel has to drop out of private school, and Mary leaves her career as a cardiologist. Even her husband Sam, the one person Mary thought she could count on for love and support, begins cheating on her with another woman.Those who not so long ago phoned or visited the Stones most every day, now don’t want anything to do with them. Even Angel’s grandmother rejects them. Without support from her husband and friends, Mary does her best to protect her daughter from what has become a nightmare.Mary’s first instinct is to seek help at a highly touted medical center that cares for AIDS patients, but she learns that the center is not what it’s cracked up to be. Mary takes Angel away for a new start, and comes to realize that there’s nothing more important than offering her love and spending time with her daughter. But then another tragedy strikes.This uplifting novel about illness in the family looks at the situation from the side of the caregiver, as it profiles a mother who faces the pain that any parent would feel when her child is ill.About the Author: Ganea V. Tiberiu is a young writer from Transylvania, Romania, “a small country with huge personalities.” This is his second book.Publisher’s website:

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