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"Learning how to learn" is paving the way in the contemporary form in the uncharted area where we come face to face with the greatest problems: what is the nature of man, how to understand our behavior, organization and culture. This book is about how we, collectively and individually, we can learn in a different way to look at ourselves and our establishment. And if sometimes we are taught something unexpected and confusing, it is also a principle of great traditions. Is it not worth it to spend some time to consider how it happened that the most valuable materials from the treasury of information, the result of centuries of research and skillful practices could be used as long as we do not even admit the possibility of their existence? I'm not talking about "the mysteries of the East", understood as a cross between shamanism and spiritism - dinner that Shah rejects as "idle talk, trembling and terror". Travelers on the mystical East have always been. However, those of us who have tried to approach Sufism through the proposed Western stereotypes, almost always go through a similar experience and had to grow it is conditioning our thinking. In fact, the East offers us not magic or mysticism, and the approach to humanity as individuals, as well as to organic whole, in their sophistication far surpassing our science with their conceptual horizons and achievements.Doris Lessing, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for the book Idries Shah "lea...
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