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Are you ready to move forward?Are you ready for peace in your life? Peace is Mine; The Forgiveness Journal was designed to give the reader a blank canvas to forgive through their faith. As I have moved forward into my own healing, my faith has changed my life in profound ways. My journey with God has increased my awareness of the importance to forgive. As well as my mindfulness to see things the way God does. He has helped me forgive for a better me. Peace is Mine connects journaling, bible scriptures, prayer, and life in one book. When we declare “peace”; when we declare our faith; when we declare His goodness, our life starts to change, and the shackles start to fall off. It’s time to forgive. When we let go and let God, the miracles will keep coming.What are people saying about Peace Is Mine, the Forgiveness Journal? This book encouraged me to open my bible; strengthened me to forgive; and inspired me to let go of a lot of emotions I have been holding on to. Even though this book is called a journal, I felt it was intimate and beautiful. With this book and my Christian counseling, It is helping me heal slowly. -Sarai, Mother and Small Business Owner When bad things happen to us, we want to know why. I came across this book just when I needed it, and I realize I will never know “why.” This book touched me and reminded me that my relationship with Christ is more important than “why.” -Monica R., Human Resources Specialist

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