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In The Music World There Appear To Be An Elite Number Of Artists With A Rare Talent That Emerges Once A Decade At Best. The 1960s Had The Beatles, In The 70s There Was David Bowie, The 1980s Witnessed The Smiths And U2 With The 90s Offering The Rise Of Ra-Diohead. The Only Band So Far In The Third Millennium To Boast A Similar Level Of Greatness Is Coldplay. This Dvd Uses Exclusive Interviews With The Band Members Themselves To Tell The Coldplay Story, And In So Doing Offers A Totally Honesty. Accurate And Heartfelt Version Of Events That No Second Hand Cut And Paste Retelling Could Hope To Achieve. The Film Also Features Archive Footage, Backstage Stories And Live Performances! Содержание: 01. Documentary 02. Politik (Live) 03. Low (Live) 04. Warning Sign (Live)
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