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With its treasure-filled ancient sites, folklore, and island flora, the Greek Islands are the jewel in Greece's crown. The new edition of Insight Guide Greek Islands is an inspirational, full-color guide to this fascinating region. Our unrivaled coverage of history and culture provides an essential introduction to what makes the Greek Isles unique. Consult the Best of Greek Islands selection for an at-a-glance guide to the region's most evocative attractions, such as the improbably perched Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery and the delightful Corfu Old Town. Descriptive accounts of where to go in the Greek Islands - such as the impressive Place of Knossos and the exquisite beaches on Levkada and Crete - are enhanced by beautiful photographs, while all major sights are cross-referenced with full-color maps. This new edition also features a brand new chapter on Thessaloniki, the second gateway to the islands after Athens. The travel tips section provides a wealth of information on how to plan your trip, plus our selection of the best hotels and restaurants.
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