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Castles conjure up a wealth of images: fairytale fantasies, military bastions, or quaint remnants of a distant past. Whatever your personal associations, the following exploration of Germany's privately-owned castles is sure to intrigue and inspire you. This striking volume introduces the reader to the noteworthy personalities, the whimsical eccentricities and the rich culture found within each of the noble homes. You will learn of the contribution to society each generation has made, and may be inspired to wonder at our own generation's legacy. Jeannette Countess Beissel von Gymnich presents the spirit of each of these historic dwellings by introducing the reader to the history, romance and culture as well as the modern relevance encountered in each of these magnificent structures. Countess Jeannette Beissel von Gymnich, American author, was born in Bonn and raised in Germany, USA and Argentina. She lives at Satzvey Castle near Cologne where she and her husband organize large historical festivals. A visual treat for art lovers and history buffs alike An original exploration of German history, culture, and contemporary life-style Text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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